Our Teachers    

  Dionne Wilks   

School Manager


Hi, I am the manager- and founder - of the Luton Community Music School. The school is here to provide affordable and accessible music lessons within the community of luton and the surrounding areas. My job is to make sure the school's mission is accomplished by connecting with parents, schools and organisations in the local community and getting people enrolled on the courses. I double up as the keyboard tutor too! Even though I am the founder, I work entirely voluntary for the school. Yep, I love music!!  You can drop into the centre most days to come an talk to me about the lessons and how to enrol. 

  Eddie Graff 


  Lorenzo Clarke  


  Nigel Burnett  


  Dionne Wilks  




Fridays 6.00pm -7.00pm

Saturdays 10.00am - 2:00pm



per lesson

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Luton Community Music School

LFLCT, 92 Tomlinson Ave,

Luton, LU4 0QQ

Tel: 01582 691 990 / 07733 53 45 29

Email: enrol@lutonmusicschool.org.uk

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